So, what's the deal with this site? Why do I have a site called "IamTheLlama.com?"

Well, because I am The Llama.

That's why. That's it.

-Warren "Llama" Ernst




What, you're still reading this? You must want to know more. OK. Fine.

"Llama" has been my nickname and online callsign since 1995. If you go to my website, http://www.warrenernst.com/, you'll see my nickname all over the place. You'll find it over on the Warbirds and Aces High forums too. (By the way, I am Warren "Llama" Ernst of PC Magazine and CPU Magazine.)

There may be (and I'm sure are) other online game players called "Llama." Fine. It's a free country, and a big Internet. I doubt that any one of them have been playing online for as long as I have.

These days I'm playing a lot of Counter Strike: Source, where the term "llama" used to be used for anyone being "lame." In Aces High, the term would be "dweeb." Whatever. I've been The Llama well before "llamas" were lame players in Counter Strike. And ironically, I'm pretty lame in Counter Strike anyways...

But, if I can be immodest for a moment, I rock in Warbirds and Aces High. I even won the dueling tourney at last year's Aces High Convention.

See you online...